Use cases

Use cases

With 50+ years of experience, SERAPID delivers tailored linear motion and load transfer solutions across diverse industries, from Aerospace to Theater. Collaborating with Engineers, Project Managers, and Architects, we craft custom solutions for any challenge, underpinned by unwavering commitment to excellence showcased through our project portfolio and use case studies.

Industrial Handling

SERAPID provides comprehensive, robust and reliable systems trusted across many demanding sectors. Catering to aerospace, automotive, nuclear, manufacturing and beyond, SERAPID designs powerful, precise and energy-efficient automation and materials handling solutions. We empower clients to mitigate risks, secure transportation of heavy or delicate loads, and optimize efficiency in all manner of industrial settings.


SERAPID provides engineering solutions for many renowned aerospace companies, including NASA, Airbus, and Boeing. We specialize in designing turn-key and custom lift systems, work platforms, and other solutions for commercial airlines and space exploration. Our products are also used as critical components by engineers working on larger projects.


SERAPID works globally with many large auto manufacturers, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for the entire manufacturing process. From complete vehicle lifts and lifting tables to assembly line components and portable work platforms, we provide tailored turn-key solutions. Our HD lift stands out in the auto industry, renowned for its high-frequency capability, speed, and load capacity.


SERAPID plays a pivotal role in the nuclear sector, with over 40 years of experience offering specialized handling, moving, and storage solutions for global projects. We have developed a chain engineered and designed to excel in challenging environments, including high heat, high radiation, and underwater conditions. SERAPID push-pull chains enable smooth movement of extremely heavy loads in inaccessible areas, reducing the need for human intervention.


SERAPID products are used in various applications throughout the medial industry. Specialized lifts have been designed to provide essential assistance to individuals with disabilities and wheelchair users. The SERAPID Rigibelt is used worldwide in MRI machines to move patients in and out. Our specialized products can be used for the manufacture of machines destined for white/clean room or spaces requiring non-magnetic systems.

Metal Forming

Die change safety & efficiency are critical factors for profitable operations. Each die change means exposure to downtime, possible operator injury, or damage to equipment. SERAPID QDX reduces and eliminates these exposures with purposefully designed equipment for these production environments.

Stage Systems

Since 1993, SERAPID Stage Systems has been providing lift solutions for live entertainment venues and building transformation specialists.  The LinkLift stands as the industry standard for stage lifts, offering exceptionally quiet operation for orchestra pits, piano lifts, modular stages, and other scenarios, while SERAPID Quick Seat Exchange provides modular seating and venue reconfiguration with a push of a button.

Modular Venue Systems

SERAPID Stage Systems has been working in the stage, theater, and venue industries since 1993, streamlining the process of converting multi-purpose venues into different configurations for maximum flexibility. With our QSX (Quick Seat Exchange) system, the complete reconfiguration of venues has never been easier or more efficient, rooms transition from flat floor to raked seating in under 15 minutes. From theaters and conference centers to auditoriums and banquet halls, Quick Seat Exchange empowers venue managers and event organizers to maximize the versatility of their spaces.

Theater Lifts

SERAPID Stage Systems offers a comprehensive array of lifting solutions tailored to a wide spectrum of live entertainment venues. The LinkLift stands as the industry standard for stage and theater lifts, offering exceptionally quiet operation for orchestra pits, piano lifts, modular stages, and other scenarios demanding show continuity. SERAPID stands as the gold standard for modular stage design in the theater, music, and live entertainment sectors.

Stage Lifts

SERAPID Stage Lifts are a testament to engineering excellence. Utilizing the innovative Rigid Chain Technology, these lifts offer a seamless blend of precision and versatility. With telescoping functionality, they can adapt to various stage configurations with ease. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional quietness, making them the ideal choice for theater environments where silence is paramount. These stage lifts redefine the way performances are presented, delivering seamless and hushed transitions that enhance the overall theater experience.

Lift Systems

SERAPID Lift Systems specializes in service lifts, industrial/warehouse lifts, vehicle lifts and special lifts (EN17206 and EN 81 compliant). Our lifts offer the advantage of having no machine room, minimal pit depth, and eliminating the need for hydraulic oil. The SERAPID products Vertical LinearBeam and LinkLift are designed with guides and intermediate frames to create lift systems capable of handling extremely heavy loads at nearly any height.

Freight Lifts

SERAPID offers a range of goods lift from 1,500kg to 25,000kg as standard, suitable for two-stop, light usage through to multi-level, heavy-duty systems. Goods lifts are offered as either Lift Directive 2014/33/EU or the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as goods only, goods attended or goods and person carrying lifts. All lifts are offered in standard sizes, or adapted to meet your specific operational requirements. The standout feature is SERAPID's Rigid Chain Technology, eliminating chains and cables and machine rooms for durable, low maintenance and quiet operation.

Vehicle Lifts

SERAPID Vehicle Liftsutilize Rigid Chain Technology and offer the perfect solution for both low cycle domestic car lifts and high usage commercial truck lifts. SERAPID’s compact lifts are the ultimate parking system for the modern architectural environment. SERAPID vehicle lifts offer multiple stop solutions with a small equipment footprint and an eco-friendly, low maintenance system. Rigid Chain Technology eliminates the need for locking pawls, re-levelling and pressurization. This makes for significant cost reductions in the construction of the lift shaft and allows comparable cycle times at lower speeds, producing further savings on infrastructure costs.




Special Lifts

SERAPID's special lifts and elevators represent a paradigm shift in vertical transportation. Unlike traditional cable-based elevators, SERAPID uses proprietary Rigid Chain Technology, eliminating the need for cables and machine rooms, leading to reduced maintenance and downtime, and functionality in situations with space constraints. SERAPID lifts are compliant with rigorous standards such as EN81 and EN17206 offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and a remarkably smooth ride, offering an ideal replacement for troublesome lift drive systems, particularly hydraulic units. Retrofitting a Rigid Chain System is easy and immediately brings all the advantages of an incompressible lifting column, precise repeatable positioning, no locking pawls or re-levelling, no machine room and unrivalled reliability.

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