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Tool change cart with SERAPID push chain technology

Together with its strategic partner BSC Solutions Sp. z o.o. in Poland, SERAPID has installed a new die change truck with SERAPID rigid chain technology and a capacity of 6t at Lumag Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of drum and disc brake linings for commercial vehicles.

Client: Lumag Sp. z oo

The die change trolley with SERAPID rigid chain technology is a drawbar-controlled heavy-duty lifting trolley with a built-in SERAPID rigid chain system for use in tool loading as well as the exchange of press tools. It transports tools safely and positions them exactly in the clamping position.

The die changing trolley with SERAPID rigid chain technology is based on an electric pedestrian stacker from Belet. The traditional Czech manufacturer of floor conveyor technology has specialised in the production of special construction equipment and has already designed and developed customised conveyor technology for tool changing together with SERAPID on several occasions.

At Lumag, the trolley with an overall height of just under 2.5 m and a total length of almost 3 m covers a distance of up to 50 m with electrical support at a speed of max. 5 km/h. The trolley is integrated in the drawbar and is equipped with a drive unit. The SERAPID push-pull system built into the drawbar trolley enables the tool (900x900x800 mm) with a maximum weight of 6000 kg to be positioned precisely in the press at two different deposit heights with a total stroke of 1665 mm. The system consists of a total of two synchronised RollBeam drives that move the carrier plate (1000 x 1180 mm) with a force of 18 000 N, thus ensuring absolutely safe die handling.

The capacities of the mould change standard models go up to 16 t, beyond that, special versions up to 50 t and more are available due to the close cooperation of the companies involved. For more information, see SERAPID's complete QDX (Quick Die Xchange) programme.

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