Use cases Stage Systems Stage Lifts The Rising Tide Bar: a "Wow" factor travelling bar located in the atrium of Royal Carribean cruise ship

The Rising Tide Bar: a "Wow" factor travelling bar located in the atrium of Royal Carribean cruise ship

Client: Royal Caribbean

Location: Miami, United States

Only SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology can provide a lift system to raise a 40 ton bar at sea. 

Royal Caribbean cruise ships are known for their luxury, elegance and innovative sense of adventure, which is why its perhaps no surprise then that their Oasis Super Class liners are crammed with action packed activities and super cool features.

When ship architects, W S Atkins designed the ultimate "wow factor" for the ships in 2005, a bar that could transport passengers between floors, SERAPID was their first and only call.

SERAPID is a leading provider of stage and cargo lifts for the cruise ship industry, offering innovative solutions that cater to their unique requirements. The LinkLift features axial "side" loading capabilities, eliminating the need to be in constant compression. This distinctive design ensures seamless and uninterrupted vertical motion, even when the force of the waves releases the compression of the lift. This is a capability that is exclusively offered by SERPID’s lift system design. SERAPID's electromechanical actuators are perfectly suited for cruise ships, as they can perform in situations which hydraulics simply cannot.

The concept was for an open top bar set in the central atrium and designed to look like a ship that could rise from the Royal Promenade floor, seemingly pushed up on a wave of fountain water, up to the next floor, Central Park. As striking as the feature was though, it needed to be practical and safe. Smooth and silent movement was essential so that passengers could enjoy the luxury of sipping cocktails safe in the knowledge that there would be no sudden movement or jolting when the Rising Tide Bar reached its destination.

SERAPID relished the challenge and installed four discreet heavy duty rigid chain LinkLift columns to bring the concept to life. Now featuring on five Royal Caribbean ‘Oasis of the Seas’ ships, the Rising Tide Bars meet the European lift Directive for passenger and marine environment lifts, EN81. With very low maintenance required for the oil free, non hydraulic lift drive system and only a shallow space-saving pit for the lift to operate, the Rising Tide Bars are as reliable and impressive today as the day they were installed.

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