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Venue Transformation

SERAPID builds and designs systems for multi-purpose venues such as stadiums, arenas and auditoriums. Our Quick Seat Exchange technology allows for a transition from flat floor to raked seating in under 15 minutes, and the LinkLift is regularly used in the stage and theater world for modular stages with multiple configurations.

SERAPID Revolutionizes Modular Venue Systems with Rigid Chain Technology

SERAPID engineers and designs versatile stage, venue and entertainment configurations that adapt to diverse event requirements. From transforming seating arrangements to creating dynamic performance spaces, the modular design ensures flexibility without compromising structural integrity. SERAPID Quick Seat Exchange (QDX) is a specially designed system that uses electro-mechanical power to move rows of seat quickly and reliably, to transform into a flat-floor event space.

SERAPID Stage Systems Video

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SERAPID Quick Seat Exchange Video

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Engineered Multi-Purpose Venue Systems

The integration of Rigid Chain Technology enables rapid transformations of venue layouts. Seamlessly reconfiguring venues for concerts, conferences, or exhibitions. Large stadiums and arenas convert with ease as SERAPID custom designed systems lift, push and pull walls, floors, stages and seats.

Versatility in Configurations: Rigid Chain Technology allows for versatile configurations, enabling multi-purpose venues to seamlessly adapt layouts for diverse events and optimize space utilization.

Efficient Setups and Transformations: Quick and efficient transformations facilitated by Rigid Chain Actuators minimize downtime, enhancing operational efficiency for multi-purpose venues.

Telescopic Stage Movement: Precise telescopic movement powered by Rigid Chain Technology ensures dynamic and captivating performances in multi-purpose venues.

Custom Stage Designs: The flexibility of Rigid Chain Technology enables multi-purpose venues to create unique and tailored stage configurations, amplifying both visual appeal and functionality.

Effortless Seat Movement: Swift adjustments of seating arrangements with quick seat exchange systems utilizing Rigid Chain Actuators optimize audience comfort and enhance the overall experience in multi-purpose venues.

Precision Seating Alignment: Accurate seat alignment during exchanges, facilitated by the precision of Rigid Chain Technology, enhances both operational efficiency and audience satisfaction in multi-purpose venues.

Robust and Reliable Vertical and Horizontal Movement: Rigid Chain Actuators ensure a stable foundation for various venue elements, providing robust and reliable vertical and horizontal movement.

Custom Configurations for Different Events: Customization options offered by Rigid Chain Technology enable multi-purpose venues to tailor configurations, meeting the unique requirements of different events and offering a flexible and adaptable space.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality: Integration of Rigid Chain Technology contributes to both aesthetics and functionality, allowing multi-purpose venues to achieve a balance between visual appeal and operational efficiency.

Quiet and Eco-Friendly Operation: Rigid Chain Technology ensures a quiet and environmentally friendly operation, eliminating noise associated with traditional hydraulic systems and contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable venue environment.

Longevity and Reduced Maintenance: Durability ensured by Rigid Chain Technology results in extended equipment lifespan and lower maintenance requirements for multi-purpose venues, contributing to long-term cost-effectiveness.

Adherence to Safety and Compliance Standards: SERAPID Engineering, with its commitment to safety and compliance standards, ensures that multi-purpose venues benefit from a secure and compliant design, prioritizing the safety of performers and audiences alike.

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