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Quick Die Exchange

The SERAPID QDX (Quick Die Exchange) system drastically reduces downtime and increases efficiency. Rigid Chain Technology is the perfect solution for moving heavy dies with ease.  SERAPID offers everything from turn-key die carts and push-pull exchange systems to individual components such as clamps, rollers and bolster extensions.

Efficient, Reliable and Low Maintenance Die Change

Die change safety & efficiency are critical factors for profitable operations. Each die change means exposure to downtime, possible operator injury, or damage to equipment. SERAPID QDX reduces and eliminates these exposures with purposefully designed equipment for these production environments. The SERAPID Push-Pull System utilizes the RollBeam with a custom designed front link to lift, push and pull extremely heavy dies with ease. SERAPID QDX offers unmatched power, precision, and reliability in the metal stamping industry.

SERAPID Quick Die Change Video

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SERAPID RollBeam Video

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SERAPID Die Change Tables and Die Carts

SERAPID heavy load linear actuators provide thrust approaching 36,000 pounds. Mechanical action avoids high pressure hydraulic, which can be detrimental to sensitive environments. The innovative design stores the retracted portion of chain out of the way, as opposed to a cylinder.

Efficient Die Changeovers: QDX streamlines die changeovers, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency in metal stamping processes. The swift and efficient movement of heavy dies is facilitated by Rigid Chain Actuators, ensuring a seamless transition between production runs.

Precision in Die Handling: Rigid Chain Technology, the backbone of QDX, delivers unparalleled precision in die handling. Metal stamping operations benefit from accurate positioning and secure transportation of heavy dies, contributing to consistent quality in stamped products.

Enhanced Safety Measures: QDX incorporates safety features powered by Rigid Chain Technology, ensuring secure and controlled die movements. The elimination of manual handling reduces the risk of accidents, creating a safer working environment for operators involved in metal stamping processes.

Adaptability to Varied Die Sizes: QDX's versatility, coupled with the adaptability of Rigid Chain Technology, allows for the transportation of heavy dies of varied sizes. This flexibility accommodates the diverse needs of metal stamping operations, providing a scalable solution for different die dimensions.

Minimized Physical Strain on Operators: By automating the die change process, QDX reduces the physical strain on operators. Rigid Chain Technology enables effortless and controlled movement of heavy dies, promoting ergonomic practices and improving the overall well-being of operators in metal stamping facilities.

Durability and Longevity: QDX, with its foundation in Rigid Chain Technology, ensures the durability and longevity of the die transportation system. The robust design of Rigid Chain Actuators withstands the demanding conditions of metal stamping, contributing to extended equipment lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.

Customization for Specific Metal Stamping Needs: SERAPID's commitment to customization is reflected in QDX, offering tailored solutions for specific metal stamping requirements. The adaptability of Rigid Chain Technology allows for the optimization of the die change process based on the unique needs of each metal stamping operation.

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