SERAPID Heavy Loads Transfer & Lifting Products
SERAPID electro-mechanical actuators utilize our proprietary Rigid Chain Technology, customized to meet the needs of any application. SERAPID products provide precision horizontal and vertical movement, with smooth power delivery, safe handling of heavy loads, and a reputation for unmatched reliability.

Lifting Columns

SERAPID lifting columns provide compact, telescopic, non-hydraulic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly lift solutions for extremely heavy loads. Our electro-mechanical actuators can be customized to your specific application and can be repeatably positioned with accuracy to 1mm.


The SERAPID LinkLift is an eletrical-mechanical actuator designed to lift heavy loads vertically with smooth and controlled movements. LinkLifts have become the industry standard for theater and stage lifts, industrial environments, or any other application that demands safe, reliable and precise vertical positioning.


The SERAPID HD Lift was specifically created for high frequency applications of over 15 cycles/hour. Its minimum service life is 1 million cycles at maximum load. HD Lifts are sealed products fitted with a permanent oil bath lubrication system with maintenance required only once per year.


The SERAPID Chainlift uses Rigid Chain Technology to move loads vertically while maintaining a smaller footprint and lower retracted height than the LinkLift. The Chainlift is the base model for all industrial lifting applications, for specialized applications see the LinkLift or HD Lift.


SERAPID’s Telescoping ChainMast allows for smooth vertical lift up to 40 feet with repeatable stops and precision accuracy, while the vertical magazine creates a small footprint. ChainMasts can be used individually or with several combined into an assembly to meet almost any technical requirement.

Vertical LinearBeam

SERAPID's Vertical LinearBeam is a vertical actuator that is specially developed for elevators and lifts. The VLB is often used with wall-mounted guides, allowing it to move heavy loads to impressive elevations.

Horizontal Load Transfer

SERAPID linear actuators offer reliable, high-speed operation for the vertical and horizontal movement of heavy loads. SERAPID engineers, designs, and manufactures solutions in a variety of sectors from Industrial handling to Stage and Theater, the possibilities are endless.  SERAPID stands as an industry leader of efficient heavy-load handling, offering electro-mechanical solutions for both vertical and horizontal movement. Cutting-edge, innovative engineering combines power, precision, and adaptability to elevate your process and optimize efficiency.


SERAPID's Linear Beam Actuator is a horizontal actuator with the magazine built into the design, optimized to move very heavy loads long distances at high speeds.


The RollBeam is a mechanical linear actuator for push/pull applications and heavy load transfer in industrial environments. It is the most versatile SERAPID product and has been proven over many years of industrial use.


The Rigibelt is a mechanical actuator with purely non-magnetic parts. It works by combining two parts of the plastic chain, similar to a zipper, which forms a rigid column. The plastic and rubber composition allows the Rigibelt to be used in medical applications such as MRI machines, or any situation where metal materials cannot be used.

Press Equipment

SERAPID offer a large selection of Press Equipment for the Metalforming industry including clamps, rollers, bolster extensions, and more. SERAPID Quick Die Exchange systems ensure swift and seamless operations and can increase productivity, efficiency and ROI by quickly and easily handling tools, dies and molds in industrial settings.

Standard Die Handling Cart (up to 15t)

The SERAPID Standard GPO Die Handling Truck is a reliable and efficient solution designed for die handling applications up to 20 tons. With its robust construction and advanced features, this truck ensures safe, smooth and fast transportation of dies. Equipped with SERAPID's rigid chain technology, the GPO Die Handling Truck offers precise and controlled vertical and horizontal movement, allowing for accurate positioning of dies with increased speed and efficiency.


SERAPID offers clamps for both standard and custom applications. Clamping and unclamping can be automatic or require minimal manual intervention. For quick die changes, it is crucial to easily and safely clamp and release the dies, allowing for the quick installation and removal of clamps from the press bolster. Our extensive range of clamps provides effective solutions tailored to your specific application.

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SERAPID Positioning Products for Quick Die Change are engineered to revolutionize your industrial processes, providing efficient solutions for seamless operations. From roller bars to roller ball cartridges and bolster extensions, these precision-engineered products redefine precision and speed in die change processes.

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