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Vertical LinearBeam

SERAPID's Vertical LinearBeam is a vertical actuator that is specially developed for elevators and lifts. The VLB is often used with wall-mounted guides, allowing it to move heavy loads to impressive elevations.

Revolutionizing the Lift Industry: The SERAPID Vertical LinearBeam (VLB)

SERAPID's Vertical LinearBeam was specially developed for domestic or public elevators, elevators for the disabled and for service lifts. Our systems meet applicable requirements under the Machines Directive 2006/42/EC, the Elevator Directive 1995/16/EC and the EN 81-82 and EN 81-41 standards.

A Purely Mechanical Alternative to Hydraulic Systems

SERAPID offers an environmentally friendly electromechanical solution that is reliable, robust and requires very little maintenance. Whether for a new installation or a retrofit, our teams are available to offer you the solution that is exactly suited to your needs and they will accompany you throughout your project.

Benefits :

  • Quick and easy installation, ready-to-install modules
  • No spring effect when loads move on and off the platform.
  • The load is only exerted on the ground and not on any other structures (walls, ceilings, etc.).
  • Positioning accuracy and repeatability to +/- 1 mm whatever the load
  • Little maintenance
  • No machinery room or pit
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