The RollBeam is a mechanical linear actuator for push/pull applications and heavy load transfer in industrial environments. It is the most versatile SERAPID product and has been proven over many years of industrial use.

The SERAPID RollBeam series is a comprehensive range of mechanical actuators designed for efficient transfer and handling of heavy loads. It stands as the most versatile among SERAPID's well-established and proven rigid-chain systems. The rigid chain comprises interlocking links that propel the load forward with the strength of a solid bar, while rolling up and neatly storing in a compact magazine during retraction. The magazine can be configured in a vertical or horizontal position depending on your needs.

The standard model range of the RollBeam covers applications up to 50 tons with practically unlimited stroke length. Multiple units can be combined to achieve higher load capacities and optimize system layout. Additionally, a wide array of options is available to ensure operation in harsh environments or under heavy-duty, high-cycle conditions.

With its telescopic mode of operation, the RollBeam ensures an unobstructed transfer area when no load is being moved. This feature not only facilitates easy installation in confined environments but also promotes seamless and adaptable functionality. The RollBeam operates entirely through mechanical means, boasting high reliability and an extended lifespan. Additionally, it boasts an energy efficiency rating of 80 to 90 percent, making it an environmentally and economically sustainable investment.


Specifications and benefits:

• Horizontal Movement:  Reliable horizontal transfer of heavy loads.

• Flexible and Compact Design for Simplified Installation:  Easy installation in confined spaces, accommodating long strokes.

• High Reliability: Optimized for long lifetime and low maintenence

• Standard Speed and Customization: Operates at a standard speed of up to 300 mm/sec, with options available for higher speeds.

• Precision Positioning: Precise and repeatable positioning to the millimeter range

• Telescopic Actuator for Maximum Workspace: Telescopic design allows for complete retraction, freeing up the entire workspace and facilitating cross movements.

• High-Frequency Operation: Oil bath option for optimal performance during high-frequency use.

• Robust Design for Challenging Environments: Durable construction performs in challenging environments such as clean rooms, dusty areas, extreme temperatures, humidity, and radiation.

• ATEX Category II 2GD c T4 Certification: Certified for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

• Wide Range of Options and Accessories: Many available options and accessories according to specific requirements.

• Versatile Motorization: Supports various motorization options, including electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power.

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