The Rigibelt is a mechanical actuator with purely non-magnetic parts. It works by combining two parts of the plastic chain, similar to a zipper, which forms a rigid column. The plastic and rubber composition allows the Rigibelt to be used in medical applications such as MRI machines, or any situation where metal materials cannot be used.

The SERAPID RigiBelt is a non-magnetic mechanical actuator made of plastic and rubber materials. This purely mechanical actuator utilizes push chains, combining two sub-chains of form-fitting elements resembling the rows of teeth on a zipper. This innovative design creates a solid drive block that can be conveniently wound up and stored in a compact manner when in the passive state. All materials used in the RigiBelt are non-magnetic, ensuring compatibility in various environments. The toothed elements are constructed from durable hard plastic, while the belts are made of flexible plastic. The drive mechanism incorporates stainless steel or anodized aluminum components.


Specifications and Benefits:

• Flexible belts for versatile applications

• Non-magnetic materials ensure compatibility in various environments

• Enables horizontal and vertical transfer of loads

• Easy installation process

• Lightweight design for convenient handling

•  Offers customizable lengths, ranging from 100 mm to several meters, with or without guidance systems


Examples of Applications:

• Horizontal movement of MRI examination tables (magnetic resonance tomography)

• Camera movements on self-driving vehicles

• Automatic opening and closing of windows

• Military applications

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