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Quick Die Exchange (QDX)

SERAPID has developed a comprehensive system and components for die exchange using Rigid Chain Technology. The SERAPID QDX (Quick Die Exchange) system improves performance, drastically reduces downtime and increases efficiency. SERAPID offers everything from turn-key die carts and push-pull exchange systems to individual components such as clamps, rollers and bolster extensions.

Revolutionizing Efficiency in the Press Environment with SERAPID QDX (Quick Die Exchange)

In the demanding world of metal stamping and press operations, efficiency, precision, and reliability are the cornerstones of success. SERAPID, a global leader in mechanical actuation solutions, presents a game-changing solution: SERAPID QDX (Quick Die Exchange). This innovative system, powered by electro-mechanical actuators and harnessed with Rigid Chain Technology, is engineered to revolutionize the die change process, significantly reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of your equipment. By offering full systems and components for tool and die in the metalforming industry, SERAPID QDX is your partner in achieving a large return on investment.

Engineering Excellence for Die Change Efficiency:

SERAPID QDX represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence in the press environment. By leveraging electro-mechanical actuators and Rigid Chain Technology, this system ensures precision and reliability in the die change process. It is engineered to make die change quick, smooth, and efficient, thereby revolutionizing the metal stamping and press operations.

Specifications and Features:

  • Electro-Mechanical Actuators: Ensure precise, reliable, and rapid die change processes.
  • Rigid Chain Technology: SERAPID's signature technology guarantees smooth, controlled, and efficient motion.
  • Drastically Reduced Downtime: SERAPID QDX system optimizes the die change process, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing the efficiency of your equipment.
  • Optimized Components: Each component is designed to yield tangible results, making die change quicker, smoother, and more efficient.
  • Precise Positioning: SERAPID's die rollers and lifters facilitate the smooth and precise positioning of dies, ensuring a secure clamping process.
  • Efficient Transporting: The system offers versatile transporters, ranging from GPO trucks to rail-bound die shuttles, streamlining the die transfer process from storage to the press and back, thereby reducing transit and handling time.
  • Safety: SERAPID's commitment to safety is reflected in the advanced features, including emergency stops and redundant systems.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

SERAPID QDX is not just a system; it's a catalyst for change in the metalforming industry. By harnessing the power of electro-mechanical actuators and Rigid Chain Technology, it ensures that die change is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. With drastically reduced downtime and enhanced efficiency, SERAPID QDX is your trusted partner in achieving a large return on investment. Streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and transform your die change process with the convenience and reliability of SERAPID QDX.

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