The SERAPID LinkLift is an eletrical-mechanical actuator designed to lift heavy loads vertically with smooth and controlled movements. LinkLifts have become the industry standard for theater and stage lifts, industrial environments, or any other application that demands safe, reliable and precise vertical positioning.

TÜV certification / EN17206 + EN81 + DIN 56950 compliant / ISO 9000 certified

The LinkLift mechanical actuator system offers a vertical lifting solution for efficiently handling heavy loads over long distances. Powered by SERAPID's proprietary Rigid Chain Technology, it provides precise vertical positioning and smooth, controlled movements in theaters and industrial environments. The LinkLift surpasses traditional lifting methods, harnesses the advantages of other drive mechanisms while eliminating their drawbacks. Multiple sprockets drive the chain, which features unique block-shaped links designed to maintain their stability and rigidity. Vertical guides within the drive casing ensure proper alignment and locking of the links.

The LinkLift can be mounted against the wall or incorporated into a scissor lifting table, utilizing a load guiding system and brakes for secure positioning. Being a chain-based system, the LinkLift also offers exceptional traction capabilities, making it advantageous in scenarios with external dynamic loads or in earthquake-prone areas. The system ensures the platform remains firmly grounded, guaranteeing stability and operational safety even with eccentric loads in motion.


Specific Features and Benefits

• Positioning accuracy in the millimeter, even at high speeds

• Payload per lifting column up to 15t dynamic, up to 20t static

• Standard speeds up to 300 mm/s, higher speeds on demand

• High stability and pressure resistance of the lifting column

• Extremely low noise and low vibration during operation

• No load bouncing, permanent holding of the approached position

• Unguided lifting path up to 8m

• Maximum stroke up to 20m with guides / intermediate platform (see options)

• Proven in a wide range of applications

• Low maintenance, long service life

• Cost-effective / high efficiency (>80%)

• Application-specific designs, system engineering and complete solutions



The SERAPID LinkLift finds extensive application in the theater and events industry, where it is commonly used for orchestral platforms, stages, and for modular venue transformation in auditoriums, concert halls, opera houses, and more. In the realm of architecture, the LinkLift serves as a solution for vertical movement of structural elements, window bays, walls, roofs, stadium seating, and even automatic parking systems. In the industrial sector, the LinkLift proves invaluable in manufacturing and factory environments, elevating work platforms, elevators, service lifts, and truck lifts. It is specifically designed and treated to withstand the unique demands of these applications.

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