SERAPID's Linear Beam Actuator is a horizontal actuator with the magazine built into the design, optimized to move very heavy loads long distances at high speeds.

The SERAPID LinearBeam is a versatile mechanical actuator designed specifically for efficient transfer and handling of heavy loads. One of its standout features is the renowned rigid-chain technology developed by SERAPID, which has gained widespread recognition for its reliability and effectiveness. The rigid chain comprises interlocking links that propel the load forward with the strength of a solid bar, while remaining flexible in the opposite direction during retraction.

In the LinearBeam system, the chain is cleverly redirected by 180°, allowing the returning portion to be stored parallel to the transfer path. This innovative design enables double utilization of the available footprint space, making installation a breeze even in restricted and challenging environments. With its purely mechanical nature, the LinearBeam guarantees high dependability and a long lifespan. Moreover, it boasts an impressive energy efficiency rating of 80 to 90 percent, making it an environmentally and economically sustainable investment.

To cater to your specific requirements, we offer a comprehensive selection of options for customizing the LinearBeam. Additionally, we provide special versions capable of operating in harsh environments or enduring heavy-duty, high-cycle conditions. With the LinearBeam series, you can confidently tackle demanding load transfer tasks while maximizing space, efficiency, and durability.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Flexible Transfer Movement: Supports horizontal, vertical, or inclined transfer movements.
  • Adjustable Stroke Range: Offers a minimum stroke of 1 meter with no maximum limit.
  • High Load Capacity: Safely handles loads ranging from 1 kN to over 160 kN.
  • ATEX Category II 2GD c T4 Certification: Certified for use in potentially explosive environments.
  • Durable Design: Simple and robust design ensures a long service life and allows for use in challenging environments where other technologies are unsuitable (e.g., clean rooms, dusty areas, extreme temperatures, humidity, radiation, and chemical aggression).
  • Compact Single Block Beam: Highly compact design facilitates easy installation in existing environments, machines, or buildings.
  • Standard Speed and Customization: Operates at a standard speed of up to 300 mm/sec, with higher speeds available upon request.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal servicing and maintenance.
  • Precise Positioning: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning to the nearest millimeter, even at maximum speed.
  • High-Frequency Operation: Option for high-frequency operation with oil bath adaptation.
  • Versatile Options: Custom options available according to specific needs.
  • Motorization Flexibility: Supports varied motorization options, including electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.
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