The SERAPID HD Lift was specifically created for high frequency applications of over 15 cycles/hour. Its minimum service life is 1 million cycles at maximum load. HD Lifts are sealed products fitted with a permanent oil bath lubrication system with maintenance required only once per year.

The SERAPID HDLift is a vertical lifting column specifically designed for high-frequency applications, capable of performing over 15 cycles per hour. With a minimum service life of 1 million cycles at maximum load, the HDLift guarantees durability and reliability. It is a sealed product equipped with a permanent oil bath lubrication system, requiring maintenance only once per year. To ensure the protection of the chain, protective bellows can be added. The HDLift line comprises five standard products, offering a range of options with a dynamic load capacity of up to 50 kN at 2.5 m. For any specific requirements, please contact us.


Specifications and Benefits:


• Adjustable Stroke Range: Offers a stroke range up to 2.5m

• Load Capacity: Safely handles loads up to 50kN.

• Durable Design: Simple and robust design ensures a long service life and allows for use in challenging environments where other technologies are unsuitable (e.g., clean rooms, dusty areas, extreme temperatures, humidity, radiation, and chemical aggression).

• High Speed and High Frequency: Built-in oil bath lubrication system allows for frequent use

• Standard Speed and Customization: Operates at a standard speed of up to 300 mm/sec, with higher speeds available upon request.

• Low Maintenance: Requires minimal servicing and maintenance one time per year

• Precise Positioning: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning to the nearest millimeter, even at maximum speed.

• Versatile Options: Custom options available according to specific needs.

• Motorization Flexibility: Supports varied motorization options, including electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

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