SERAPID’s Telescoping ChainMast allows for smooth vertical lift up to 40 feet with repeatable stops and precision accuracy, while the vertical magazine creates a small footprint. ChainMasts can be used individually or with several combined into an assembly to meet almost any technical requirement.

The SERAPID ChainMast is a self-guided and self-supporting telescopic lifting column powered by rigid chain technology. This innovative system provides exceptional lifting capabilities and precise positioning control, handling loads up to 500kg and distances up to 12m. The nested aluminum shaft segments of the ChainMast extend with telescoping action, enabling reliable vertical, horizontal or inclined movement. It serves as a versatile solution for various applications, including stage equipment, aerospace, military, and more. The ChainMast's design allows for the combination of multiple masts into dual-mast, tri-mast, or quad-mast system configurations. With its robust construction and integration of rigid chain technology, the ChainMast ensures high load-bearing capacity and precise vertical movement, with the ability to maintain static position indefinitely.

Specifications and Benefits:

• Self-Supporting and Self-Guiding Telescopic Lifting Column: Ensures precise vertical movement with no drift, exceptional stability and secure lifting operation

• Versatile Operation: It can be used for vertical, horizontal, or inclined lifting applications up to 12m

• Exceptional Lifting Power: Payloads up to 500 kg per lifting column with speeds up to 15 m/min

• Secure Mounting and Installation: Includes a top interface plate and base mounting brackets for easy installation and secure mounting.

• Electromechanical Actuators with Rigid Chain Technology: Operates using a powerful & efficient electric drive system.

• Compact Design, Small Footprint, and Easy Relocation

• Repeatable and Accurate Positioning: Precise lifting operations with repeatable positioning accuracy within 1mm.

• Custom Configuration: ChainMast can be customized with various options according to project specific needs.

• Motor with Single or Double Brake: safe and reliable stopping functionality

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