The SERAPID Chainlift uses Rigid Chain Technology to move loads vertically while maintaining a smaller footprint and lower retracted height than the LinkLift. The Chainlift is the base model for all industrial lifting applications, for specialized applications see the LinkLift or HD Lift.

• Adjustable Stroke Range: Offers a stroke range up to 2m

• Load Capacity: Safely handles loads up to 20kN.

• Durable Design: Simple and robust design ensures a long service life and allows for use in challenging environments where other technologies are unsuitable (e.g., clean rooms, dusty areas, extreme temperatures, humidity, radiation, and chemical aggression).

• Designed for Medium Frequency: 5-15 cycles per hour

• Standard Speed and Customization: Operates at a standard speed of up to 200 mm/sec, with higher speeds available upon request.

• Nominal service life is 250,000 cycles. Lubrication required every 13,000 cycles (first year) then every 50,000 cycles (or every year).

• Precise Positioning: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning to the nearest millimeter, even at maximum speed.

• Versatile Options: Custom options available according to specific needs.

• Motorization Flexibility: Supports varied motorization options, including electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

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