Metal Forming

Die change safety & efficiency are critical factors for profitable operations. Each die change means exposure to downtime, possible operator injury, or damage to equipment. SERAPID QDX reduces and eliminates these exposures with purposefully designed equipment for these production environments.

Revolutionizing Metal Forming and Stamping with SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology

In the demanding realm of metal forming and stamping, precision, efficiency, and safety are of paramount importance. SERAPID, a pioneer in mechanical actuation solutions, has emerged as a leading force in the industry by introducing innovative products powered by their signature Rigid Chain Technology. These solutions, particularly within the press environment, are instrumental in enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and ensuring the safety of operations.


SERAPID Quick Die Change (QDX): Enhancing Productivity

The SERAPID Quick Die Change (QDX) system has redefined the way dies are handled in metal forming and stamping processes. Built upon the robust foundation of Rigid Chain Technology, QDX is engineered for smooth, reliable, and efficient die change processes. This technology harnesses the power of the SERAPID Push/Pull System to deliver precise motion, optimizing the die exchange procedure.


Efficiency, Reliability, and Low Maintenance:

Die changes are pivotal moments in metal-forming operations, and the efficiency of these transitions directly impacts profitability. QDX places a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, addressing critical factors such as downtime reduction and operator safety. By minimizing exposure to downtime, potential operator injury, and equipment damage, QDX ensures profitable and sustainable operations.


SERAPID QDX Components for Metal Forming and Stamping:


  • Clamps: SERAPID offers a range of clamps suitable for standard or custom applications. These clamps cover manual to fully automated options, adaptable to various press setups.


  • Roller Bars: Our die rollers and lifters facilitate the smooth positioning of dies. Our motion systems ensure safe and precise movement, even in challenging environments with factors like scrap chutes, lubricants, shakers, and sludge-laden slugs. SERAPID rollers are engineered to avoid jamming or marring the bottom of your dies.


  • Bolster Extensions: SERAPID's bolster extensions, available in removable and swing-away configurations, are designed to accommodate diverse press needs. From standard 20" extensions to custom applications with up to 10ft of rolling path, they can support impressive loads, even reaching 50,000 lbs.


  • SERAPID PPS (Push/Pull System): The hallmark of SERAPID's innovation, these heavy-load linear actuators are capable of delivering thrust approaching 36,000 pounds. Their mechanical action eliminates the need for high-pressure hydraulics, which can be detrimental in sensitive environments. The clever design also stores the retracted portion of the chain out of the way, unlike traditional cylinders that require ample room behind the point of origin for rod storage.


SERAPID's Rigid Chain Technology, as embodied in the QDX system and associated components, has revolutionized metal forming and stamping in the press environment. By focusing on efficiency, reliability, and safety, SERAPID continues to be at the forefront of enhancing productivity and profitability in these critical industrial processes.

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