As a student in your final year of a mechanical engineering school, you have a strong appetite for technical application subjects, and you are looking for a demanding and stimulating end-of-studies internship for the year 2023, for a period of approximately 6 months.
Founded in 1972, our company is the world leader in lifting and transferring heavy loads by means of rigid chains. We are established in the architecture, scenography, industry, nuclear and defence markets. We have a turnover of €23 million, employ 150 people on 3 continents, and are in an active development phase.

Missions and skills

You will join our head office ''OneSerapid'' located in the Dieppoise agglomeration (76). After a careful integration period, you will join the Engineering Department under the mentorship of an experienced engineer.
As your main mission, you will be in charge of a standard research or product development topic, according to the priorities defined by the management.
As a secondary mission, you will participate in the day-to-day work of the Engineering Department and will be involved in the study of customer projects.
You are adaptable to meet the challenges of ongoing projects, and quickly gain autonomy.
As your missions require you to interact with many colleagues, both internal and external to the department, you demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and good writing skills.


• Gratuity (minimum rate in 2022: 3.90/hour)
• 151.67 hours per month (CF / collective hours)
• Meal vouchers (Salary share = €4.08, ticket value = €10)

Please send your applications by email to recrutement-fr@serapid.com

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