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Data di pubblicazione: 11 settembre 2018

Articolo sul sistema di gradinata curvo al 100% automatico per la Filarmonica del nuovo quartiere Zaryadye a Mosca.
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Translation of the article in English:

The Latest Realisation by SERAPID Opens in Moscow

After the Bolshoi Theater, it is now the Philharmonic Hall in Moscow’s turn to be equipped with an innovative technology for seating created by the company SERAPID, in Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles. The venue was inaugurated on Sunday September 9.

What is the common point between the Bolshoi theater in Russia, the Pyongchang Olympic stadium in South Korea and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris? These three places have technology by SERAPID - a company in Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, specialists in the transfer of loads - to equip their stage or seating.
And once again, the company of the Dieppe region has exported its know-how to Russia, to be precise, to Moscow. This weekend, Sunday, September 9, was the inauguration of the philharmonic hall, located in the new Zaryadye park.

A modular room in 30 minutes
The designers of this room used SERAPID for the installation of its "QSX Room Transformation System", a 100% automated curved seating system.
"The totally innovative SERAPID QSX System is the first solution for integrating curved row seating into a reconfigurable automated system. It consists of 20 rows ranging from 23 to 30 meters, for a total of 677 seats," says the Rouxmesnilaise company.
Thus, this system allows the room to move, in an automated way, from a configuration with a flat floor to a room with raked seating in less than 30 minutes.

The Grand Opening concert
SERAPID specializes in moving heavy loads using RCT, Rigid Chain Technology. This technology adapts to not only theater and event projects, but also to architecture, nuclear, medical, and many more.
The philharmonic hall is located near Red Square in a beautiful park. It was officially opened this Sunday, September 9, at the 871st anniversary of Moscow. A great concert was given on this occasion.

The work of the Rouxmesnilaise company can be seen under the rows.
The new hall was inaugurated Sunday September 9 in Moscow, on the 871st anniversary of the city.)

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