Simple and flexible technology

SERAPID has been working in the field of linear movement equipment for over 45 years. The SERAPID elevation and transfer systems are designed using a simple mechanical principle making it possible to transfer loads of a few kilograms to several hundred tonnes using rigid chain technology (RCT).
This technology is based on the locking of links to each other. When the chain is deployed it behaves like a true rigid pushing bar. In the other direction, the chain unlocks in the drive casing and stores in a reduced space.

The advantages

The SERAPID rigid chain mechanical jack is a true alternative to traditional mechanical and hydraulic solutions providing many advantages:

  • telescopic mechanical jack
  • simple mechanics, low maintenance;
  • precision, incompressible system, repeatability;
  • adapts to temperature, humidity, chemical aggression and dust constraints;
  • high load capacity from a few kilograms to several hundred tonnes
  • high stroke capacity
  • fluid movements with very little vibration;
  • low sound levels;
  • environmentally friendly solution: no pressurised oil, energy efficiency;
  • compact, low space occupation,
  • easy to install or integrate, simple synchronisation.
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