Push/Pull : scenery movement (SCT system)

Push/Pull movement

You work in a prestigious place or in harsh environment? You need a long/ fast stroke, extremely low noise levels solution and have little installation footprint ? Rigid Chain Technology could be the solution thanks to our Silent Chain Theater (SCT) range specifically developed for the entertainment industry. This travel system makes it possible to move stage wagons quickly and very quietly.

SERAPID offers with its Rigid Chain products compact, telescopic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly transfer solution.
SERAPID linear actuators bring reliability, a very low level of noise thanks to its low friction materials, all with little maintenance.

Based on simple mechanics and supported by our 45 years of experience, the SERAPID Rigid Chain push/pull systems meets your needs, whether you have to design:

• transfers with very low sound level allowing their use during performances;
• fast stoke actuators;
• robust linear actuators;
• non hydraulic systems;

Principles of Stage Wagon Transfer

Each system can push and pull a stage wagon over long distances of travel. Positioned at 90 degrees, these systems offer the possibility to cross over up down stage tracks with cross stage tracks. When one of the chains is retracted, it frees the guide, thereby allowing the system positioned at 90 degrees to be operated. With the chains passing under the wagons, the system allows the transfer of wagon A leaving wagon B in position. The sketch below shows a typical transfer layout.

Legend for a typical theatrical stage system:

A: Stage wagon A in side to side movement.
B: Stage wagon B in forward/backward movement.
C: Compensator in high position.
D: Chain guides
E: Chain storage.
F: Drive housings and return housings.

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