The SERAPID TriMast is a telescopic lift designed to lift heavy loads while remaining perfectly stable in all types of conditions. Lifting is provided by a rigid chain.

The TriMast is ideal for surveillance, safety or metrology applications in the military or industrial sectors.

Rigid Chain Technology (RCT)’s unique characteristics and TriMast’s specific design guarantees reliability, safety, accuracy and repeatability. All components are designed for minimum system maintenance in all types of environment (temperatures from -40°C to +70°C, dust, wind, humidity).

The masts are synchronised and can be deployed at different speeds. Simple programming makes it possible to stop the lift at any time in a precise, progressive and repeatable way.

Tuned and tailored to your application. Contact us with your specifications.

Extented height / Retracted height: depending on model
Stroke distance: depending on model
Payload: 200 kg up to 1 000 kg
Speed: 50 mm/s up to 250 mm/s

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