Telescopic jibs for intervention in confined environments

A powerful and economical solution for demanding jobs

SERAPID has been active in the nuclear market for many years. Always listening to its customers, SERAPID adapts, develops and manufactures specific mechanical actuators to meet the needs of a sector always looking for innovative products.

SERAPID has recently designed a new telescopic jib for the nuclear market. It is an actuator consisting of a specific rigid chain, which can be deployed over several metres without being supported, and thus ensure control operations or small mechanical work in very confined environments such as tanks, containers or cells.

This new product is very compact, can be easily introduced by reduced access (manhole, coring, hatch, etc.) and is especially useful for dismantling work.

With a simple and robust design, this telescopic arm will be a powerful and economical tool for everyday use. Composition: stainless steel, titanium and plastic.

max. payload: 45kg
extended length max.: 5m
speed: 30mm/s
deflexion at end of chain: 70mm for 10kg at 2m / 500mm for 10kg at 5m
pitch of chain: 60mm

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