Stage Wagon System with SilentChain (SCT)

Our SCT travel system makes it possible to move stage wagons quickly and very quietly.

The chain magazines can be placed horizontally or vertically above or below the stage. The product line is comprised of two types of chain, the SCT 40 and SCT 60, designed for different load capacities. The system includes rail guides, which also serves as carriage guides, and intersections that can be modularly assembled.

Each system can be used to push or pull a scenery wagon of a maximum of 35 tonnes over several dozen metres.  Positioned at 90°, these systems offer the possibility of cross transfers. When one of the chains is retracted it releases the perpendicular sheath, thereby allowing another chain to be deployed.

  • Speed: up to 1m / s
  • Payload up to 35 t per chain
  • Travel practically unlimited
  • Chain guides are also carriage guides.
  • Crossings possible

key for the diagram of a system installed on a theatre stage:
A : wagon A being transferred
B : wagon B in a forward to back movement
C : compensator in the high position
D : chain guides
E : chain storage
F : drive guards and return guards
Since the chains pass underneath the wagons, the system can be used to move wagon A while leaving wagon B in position.

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