QDX quick die change

TPCH: Horizontal Loading Positioning Table

The T.P.C.H. is a fork lift accessory that fits onto the forks and is designed to install dies on presses.

It is composed of a metal pallet fitted with a motorised rigid chain push/pull system and with one or more die holding interfaces.

Available for maximum loads of 2 tonnes or 4 tonnes, steel/steel movement at 50 mm/sec.

  • die change time: 15 mins.
  • versatile and economic solution
  • exact and repeatable positioning
  • preserves the fork lift’s original functions and specifications
  • Indication: the fork lift’s residual capacity by about 30% so that, for example, a fork lift with a minimum 3 t load capacity is needed for a 2 t die.
  • Specific design to order.
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