QDX quick die change

Push-pull system for quick die changes, fixed to a press or mobile

For increased productivity in complete safety

Designed to cater for difficult quick die change conditions, the SERAPID PPS pusher is easy to install on an existing press and allows dies to be handled and positioned accurately, effectively and safely:

• The operator is totally clear of the hazardous zone of the press.
• Manual control from a control station.
• Guarantees the repeatability of die positioning.
• Makes it possible to guarantee the dies from accidental damage during the transfer.
• Used to change a die in just a few minutes

Fixed or mobile push-pull system
The PPS is simply screwed to the back of the bolster or onto the press uprights.
It can also be fixed to a ball and socket joint or mounted on a cart for on-demand installation. Removable versions are also available.
The system, which is designed around SERAPID rigid chains, pushes the die from the reference position in the press to the collection area outside the heart of the press. In the other direction the chains pull the die from its drop-off position to centre it under the press.
The PPS can be combined with the existing bolster and brackets, with existing ramps, die positioning systems and clamps. Thanks to rigid chain technology, the PPS takes up a minimum of space and can easily be installed in most environments.

A PPS is composed of one or two chains driven by an electric gearbox, a push bar with semi-automatic hooks and a frame for fixture to the press. The standard system has a cam sensor which limits the stroke and controls the positions.


All movements of the load are controlled by sensors. This makes it possible to guarantee that the movements are made in the best safety conditions. For example, the operator can only trigger the movement of the chains when the press is stopped and the die released. The standard pusher is delivered ready for full electric control.
The PPS also contributes to the ergonomics and safety of the heart of the press. The operator is moved fully away from the hazardous zone of the press. It makes your die change system a useful and effective one that is fully compliant with the relevant standards and regulations.


• Load up to 50 t
• die change time: 15 mins.
• safety mechanisms controlled by sensors for extraction system operations
• economic and very flexible solution
• evolutive with die-carrier carts and/or brackets
• electric or hydraulic power supply

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