QDX quick die change

Positioning and transfer systems

Since 1972, SERAPID has been developing equipment to move heavy loads and has also specialised itself in quick die changing. It was the first application in which Rigid Chain Technology proved its effectiveness and reliability.
SERAPID rigid chains are used on all types of die transfer equipment from fork lifts to automated rail carts.

The standard product line is designed for a wide variety of applications for dies up to 21 tonnes.
SERAPID standard solutions include :
• the PPS series - Push Pull System - push / pull - fixed or removable mounted on presses
• the TPCH – TPCH series - Horizontal Loading Positioning Table - fork lift truck accessories, adding a mechanised die loading system to any existing fork lift truck
• the GPO series - Die Carrier and Stacker- a stacker with a driver

Specific solutions must be designed in many cases. Our specific solutions cover almost all requests involving current production methods, whether for very heavy dies (up to 100 tonnes and over), or fully automated die changes on a complete press line.

These specific solutions include:

• an adapted cart on request
• a self-propelled cart with on-board operator with a single or double loading platform and a transfer system
• a rail-mounted cart with on-board operator
• a rail mounted cart with on-board operator with a single or double loading platform and a transfer system
• a manual cart
• fixed or moving loading tables
• PPS system for specific requests
• a complete rolling table system including a transfer system and a control system
• “Domino” system die loading installation and T transfer servicing complete press lines.
• die storage racks, sized and configured for each application

Loading time is a mean value and, depending on operating conditions, the times actually achieved may be longer or shorter. The indicated loading time is the net time taken to unload the installed die and load the new one. It is assumed that the distance between the storage or the station and the press can be covered in a maximum of five minutes.

Optimise your productivity using simplefast and effective die transfer and clamping systems. Our specific solutions can be integrated with SMED solutions.

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