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DIN 650 roller and ball ramps

Our DIN 650 roller ramps and/or ball ramps are ready to be fitted in existing T-slots on the press bolster. To lift dies, these bars are available with hydraulic or mechanical lifting. All the bearing elements are manufactured in hardened steel to provide the optimum service life.
The balls : allow the die to be positioned accurately and flexibly since the die can be moved in any direction. This is the ideal solution to manually position small dies (< 2 t).
The rollers : mainly provide a linear movement. Positioning accuracy is provided by the use of guides and/or loading systems such as PPS push-pull systems. The load capacity is much higher (> 2 t).
Bearing rollers: can be installed on certain ramps instead of the rollers thereby reducing the rolling effort. These bearing rollers are also available in water and dust proof versions. A SERAPID loading system is recommended.
Further information:

• DIN 650 sizes are from 18 to 36.
• Special sizes are available to order, please contact Serapid.
• When using DIN 650 size 18 ramps, special conditions must be respected, please contact Serapid.
• The mechanical and hydraulic ramps can use different fixture methods.
• The hydraulic ramp oil supply can be horizontal or vertical G1/8”, G1/4” or UNF 7/16”.
• The standard position is horizontal and G1/8” for sizes 18 and 22, and G1/4” for sizes 28 and 36.

Optimise your productivity using simplefast and effective die transfer and clamping systems. Our specific solutions can be integrated with SMED solutions.

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