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Die stacking unit: the GPO Truck

High precision, repeatable positioning
SERAPID stackers are die handling machines fitted with an original horizontal transfer and positioning system using rigid chains.
They are used to move heavy dies, such as press dies, from storage to the machine and vice versa. The system is all-in-one and easy to handle.
Reliable and effective operations
The dies are taken from a storage rack to the stacker table, they are then transferred to the machine working zone before being pushed into place. In both directions the movement uses SERAPID rigid chains. All the movements are controlled from the operator station.
Easy and completely safe handling
SERAPID GPO Truck series stackers increase your efficiency, your safety, your reliability in the press environment and generally in all workplace areas in which heavy loads need to be transferred carefully and precisely. A GPO stacker also saves you time and money.
A set of safety systems controls the GPO positioning and keeps pushing forces within the nominal limits. This is to guarantee die positioning and transfer performance if safety conditions are met.
GPO Truck types
To cater for the diversity of press environments, SERAPID proposes different types of die-carrying stackers. The smallest handles a 500 kg load, the biggest a 20 tonne load and beyond this weight on demand. All the stackers use lifting mast technology except for the biggest model, which uses a scissor mechanism that supports the load at the centre of gravity. This also makes it possible to handle heavy wide loads.
To further shorten changeover times, we have developed a double
truck concept. This type of stacker allows you to load the die for the next campaign on one of the tables while leaving the other free for the die to be removed. There is no time lost in transit in the aisles. Of course, this solution is only possible for certain die heights at suitable die drop-off heights.
In addition to stackers, we also propose modular supports and racks.
The sizes can be adapted to your specifications. A complete line of optional accessories is also available to adapt our stackers to specific applications.
Stackers can also be built to order. The SERAPID design & development departments are ready to meet any client challenges.
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