QDX quick die change


To be able to change dies quickly, it is essential to be able to clamp and then release the dies easily and safely; this means being able to quickly install and remove the clamps from the press bolster. Our wide range can provide you with the most effective solution for your application.

Choosing clamps

Clamp position : define the clamp position (on the sides or front and back)
Sensors: Some of our clamps can be fitted with sensors to monitor their status.
Clearing clamps : When released, the clamp is cleared away from the die body to avoid interfering with the transfer trajectory.
Built-in : When released, the clamp is retracted into the press bolster or into a T-slot. It is used for dies that are as wide as the bolster, or when a removable bolster must be reused. These clamps require the clamping points to be fully standardised and that the dies be fitted with suitable holes or T-slots.
Clamps with roller ramps : The clamping system is combined with roller ramps for accurate die positioning.
Clamping height : distance covered by the clamp until its closure
Automation capacity : most of our clamps facilitate complete QDX automation.

Power supply

Our clamps can be activated in three different ways:
Hydraulic, double effect tightening and release – This type not only provides better efficiency, but depending on installation specificities, can also provide active safety functions or better use of the space available on the machine.
Hydraulic single effect clamping with spring release – a solution that can be used for full automation in some cases. Pressure can be controlled to complete the safety mechanism.
Mechanical clamping, hydraulic release – a simple and reliable solution. The clamps, however, must be positioned manually.

Hydraulic power supply : standard G1/4”, also available in UNF 9/16”.

Fixed or removable clamps?

Only fixed clamps allow the process to be fully automated. This implies that die interfaces are standardised.
Removable clamps are more flexible but do not allow for full automation.

Fixed : The clamp is permanently built into the press bolster or into the ram. When the die is released, the transfer track is fully cleared by the withdrawal of the anchor points or, with edge clamps, by the lifting of the die. These movements are hydraulically powered.

Removable : Removable clamps are inserted into the press T-slots manually. They are a flexible and economic solution.

Optimise your productivity using simplefast and effective die transfer and clamping systems. Our specific solutions can be integrated with SMED solutions.

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