The LinearBeam mechanical linear actuator is a product that uses SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology. It is similar to a single part beam, composed of a drive casing, an active chain guide in the upper part, a magazine chain guide in the lower part, and a rigid chain. The compact and powerful LinearBeam linear actuator is designed to move heavy loads over long strokes. It is easy to build into your machines and civil engineering.

The base system can be completed by a wide range of options and accessories in order offer a product that fully meets your needs.

Specifications and benefits

• Horizontal, vertical or oblique transfer movement
• Stroke: 1 metre minimum, with no maximum limit
• Load: from 1 kN to more than 160 kN
• ATEX category II 2GD c T4 certification
• A simple and robust design guaranteeing a long service life and use in difficult environments where other technology cannot be used (Clean room, dust, temperature, humidity,       radiation, chemical aggression, etc.)
• Highly compact single block beam concept offering easy installation in existing environments, machines or buildings.
• Standard speed up to 300 mm/sec. Beyond this value, please contact us.
• Very light servicing and maintenance
• Accuracy and repeatability of positioning to the nearest millimetre, even at maximum speed (depending on the stroke and how it is managed)
• High frequency with oil bath adaptation
• A wide choice of options and accessories
• Varied motorisation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic

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