The Scenographer - Article EN "The Art of Motion"

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Release date : January 2017

A complete article on our Quick Seat Xchange (QSX) SERAPID système. An alternative new reliable and compact concept with a universally patented system making different space configurations possible with straight, faceted or curved (exclusive solution developed by SERAPID) rows of seats.

This unique system is being installed at Philharmonic Hall, a new project located in the historic ZARYADYE district in the heart of Moscow, Russia. These are 21 rows from 23 to 30 meters long; that can move from flat to racked configuration in less than 30 minutes for a total of 677 seats. For SERAPID, it represents more than 2,700 hours of study for a total of 94 LinkLift drive systems.

Check out page 9.

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