Car & truck lifts

Complex environments and access issues can make the movement and parking of vehicles (cars), heavy goods vehicles, or the loading and unloading of goods, difficult. SERAPID has the solution to meet the needs of private and collective urbanism. Our products are compliant with EN81 for the construction and installation of lifts.

SERAPID Rigid Chain solutions are a true alternative to hydraulic technology.
An electromechanical solution that respects the environment, compact, easily integrating into confined spaces.
• Electromechanical technology without local machinery.
• A bowl solution with a very small footprint, less depth of pit.
• The load is only applied on the ground, without exerting force on the other structures (walls, ceilings ...).
No spring effect when loads enter or exit the platform.
• Accuracy and repeatability of +/- 2mm positioning, regardless of load.

Industrial reliability at the service of the individual and the community.

Proven for 45 years, SERAPID products are reliable, efficient, robust and require very little maintenance.

Our products and solutions

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