Kinetic Architecture

SERAPID has unrivalled experience in horizontal and vertical motion using its provide Rigid Chain Technology (RCT).

Whether you need to move a wall, a floor, a ceiling or a truck, SERAPID has the know-how and technology to bring your projects to life using reliable and effective bespoke solutions.

SERAPID technology has been successfully utilised in projects as varied as heavy duty, robust lifting systems to compact, precise applications for the movement of architectural features.
Enter a world where kinetic architecture comes in to its own. Discover Building Dynamics and be inspired.

"I don’t remember how we came across SERAPID; possibly when hunting around for a technical precedent for what we wanted to propose, which existed, as far as we knew, only in theatre staging systems.  What the SERAPID team brought first was an incredible openness to taking on what, to most people, would have sounded like an impossible challenge: to make a piece of public space move.  Where we would have expected every other company on earth to say ‘no, it’s not possible’, SERAPID simply brought solid technical expertise and immediately set about demonstrating how it could not only be made possible, but completely plausible and reliable."
David Saxby

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