Increase equipment reliability in the long term

Nuclear power is an industry where the requirements of reliability, durability and safety of installations are unavoidable. For more than 45 years, the nuclear industry has relied on SERAPID's expertise in moving heavy loads vertically and horizontally.
SERAPID pusher and elevators are simple, compact, robust, requiring little maintenance and with a long service life and are particularly suited to work in restrictive environments:

- Transfer of fuel immersed in a pool;
- Loading and unloading of waste containers;
- Displacement of equipment in glove boxes.

SERAPID products can also be optimized or supplemented for nuclear radiation, for example with black steel finish, stainless steel or with sealing system. SERAPID brings its expertise from the start of the project, feasibility, study, dimensioning and risk analyzes in order to secure and guarantee the choice of products and equipment.

They trust us:
Orano, Reel, Technoplus Industrie, CEA, Latesys, Méca-chimie, Spie nucléaire, Salvarem, CNIM, Framatome, Cegelec, Comex, Robatel, Onet Technologie, OPG, etc…

Invested in the nuclear market, SERAPID is now a member of the cluster NUCLEOPOLIS, which brings together the main players in Normandy in this sector.

They trust us

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