Lifting movement

Looking for a different lift technology? SERAPID offers it with our Rigid Chain Technology a compact, telescopic, position stable, non-hydraulic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly lift solution.

SERAPID lift solutions are compliant with existing lift norms (EN81 and Lift Directive).

Based on simple mechanics and supported by our 45 years of experience, the SERAPID Rigid Chain column meets your needs, whether you have to design:

  • custom and special lifts;
  • operator and ergonomic platforms;
  • non hydraulic elevators;
  • clean room, paint booth or explosion-proofed lifts;

Our teams are attentive to all your projects to find the most suitable and effective solution for any special purpose lift. You may have a small load or need high capacities? Our range of products is easy scalable to match your exact lifting requirements.

You can find our elevation systems in: automotive, aerospace, energy, press / forge, thermal treatment, medical, even in entertainment.

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