Chain Mail #5

Release date: 22 November 2018
Online versionhttps://bit.ly/2AgbMOO


Topics covered in this issue:

This end of year edition puts in to perspective all of the hard work carried out by the SERAPID team during 2018. This commitment has been highlighted our Chain Mail newsletter and we are looking forward to seeing more of this in the coming year!

Thanks to a study produced by researchers at Oakland University in Rochester (Michigan, USA) on its horizontal PS type chain and vertical LinkLift chain, SERAPID confirms the robustness of its products with identical characteristics until -50 ° C (-58°F).

SERAPID participates in the Design World LEAP award in the Automation category with its new product, the telescopic jib. The results of the contest will be known on December 11, 2018.

Focus on:
SERAPID Londinières: this plant specialises in SERAPID’s QDX clamping, positioning and transporting product range.

Die Change Table for FPD Forging Company
SERAPID provided a complete quick tool change (QDX) solution for a forging press. Better control of the tool temperature, productivity gain and maximum safety for the machine operators.

Bolster extensions for quick die change
SERAPID offers a complete range to place and align the die before moving it into the press.

FabTech trade show
Date: Nov. 06 to 08
Location: Atlanta, US

Restructura trade show
Date: Nov. 15 to 18
Location: Turin, Italy

JTSE trade show
Date: Nov. 27 to 28
Location: Paris, France

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