Wall Vault

Villa - Los Angeles, CA, United States

For the secure storage of high-value artwork, this display wall smoothly and automatically retracts into a basement level vault, without any disturbance to the artwork.

SERAPID was chosen to provide the mechanism for a wall vault/projection screen theatre room in a multi-million-dollar, 1285m² (13.8K sq. ft.) home in the prestigious Holmby Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles.
The property, previously the home of Frank Sinatra, makes a true Californian architectural statement with rooms that open fully to the natural setting, yet close securely when needed. The wall of the theatre room normally displays a large work from the owner’s art collection, but when desired the entire wall can retreat into a below-ground vault area so a projection screen wall can rise into place. This provides not only dual usage for entertaining, but unobtrusive security for the valuable art.
This solution includes 2 LinkLift 50 SERAPID lifting columns.         

Characteristics: max. load of 900kgs (2,000 lbs.), 56mm/s (11 FPM) speed and 3.7m (144”) stroke. 
Customer: McCoy Construction

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