Basket carrier stacker for loading and unloading thermal ovens

Effective and safe handling

Thermal treatment is a controlled process use to modify the micro-structure of materials such as metals and alloys in order to obtain improved service life properties for a component. Thermal treatment professionals are constantly searching for increased efficiency and safety when handing the parts being processed.

STo meet this need, SERAPID designed a platform fitted with a push pull system built into a stacker. The SERAPID rigid chainmakes it possible to load the treatment baskets quickly and safely without any risk of operators falling or suffering burns. Adapted to work in high temperature conditions, rigid chains are reliable, compact and require only very little maintenance.
This basket carrier stacker can service several work stations and brings measurable increases in productivity and safety.

Thanks to its speed, high temperature resistance, safety and reliability, rigid chain technology is suitable for all the requirements of the thermal treatment industry.

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