A multi-purpose stage

Shanghai Cultural Plaza - Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Cultural Plaza is a venue for art and culture. Located at the heart of a lush green park, the building's flowing and modern architectural lines merge harmoniously into this natural showcase.
The Cultural Plaza's centrepiece is the 2000 seat theatre. In order to be able to put on very different types of show, the theatre is equipped with a unique installation making it possible to make different scenery appear and configure the stage depending on the shows.

The system is of 4 platforms located under the stage. The central platform is fitted with a LinkLift elevation system used to raise one of the 3 other platforms level with the stage. These 3 platforms, including a rotating one, are prepared according to the needs of the show; with scenery, a swimming pool or an ice rink. They are all fitted with a SERAPID SCT horizontal transfer system to move them onto the central platform. The theatre can thus have a varied programme and favour the interaction between the stage and the audience.

Designed by Beyer Blinder Belle
Consultant: SBS Gmbh

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