Long stroke stage elevator

Copenhagen Opera House - Copenhagen, Denmark

One of Copenhagen's must-see landmarks, the opera house was designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen . Inaugurated in 2005, the building overlooks the sea opposite the Amalienborg Palace. The building has 14 floors and a thousand rooms. The main stage and its wings are at the heart of the building; the main theatre can seat 1500 people. The orchestra pit can house 110 musicians.

The challenge for SERAPID was to propose an elevation system with a stroke of over 13 metres. The SERAPID divider technology made it possible to stabilise the system and cover strokes of up to 18 metres (beyond this please contact us). The stage elevator can therefore cover the 13.2 metres of pit to transport equipment from the reception area to the stage level. This elevator is EN81 certified so that it can transport people. The orchestra elevator, which is also EN81 certified, is used to transport instruments and people from the rehearsal room to the auditorium.

Rigid chain technology can adapt to stroke, speed or space constraints to fulfil the most varied requirements.

Client: Wagner Biro
Consultant: Theater Plan
Architect: Henning Larsen

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