LinkLift elevator columns are part of the show in the Typhoon Theatre

The Typhoon Theatre at the Maritime Experiential Museum - Singapore

When the Maritime Museum in Resorts World, Sentosa in Singapore opened its doors in 2011 visitors flocked in their thousands to experience for themselves the much hyped Typhoon Theatre.

Far from disappointing, visitors were wowed by the full 4D experience of climbing on board a traditional 9th Century Omanese show vessel and sailing off into the wide ocean. There they encounter a fierce and perilous storm which sinks the ship and takes passengers below the surface of the sea to the ocean floor, surrounding them with the sheer beauty of marine life.

The rollercoaster of sensory experiences takes the visitor on a 360º nail-biting journey through storm ravaged seas, plunging them into the depths of the ocean through the use of a giant multi-media screen and a bespoke lifting platform system.

To bring the experience to life SERAPID was appointed to devise a lift platform that could be masked as a boat deck and move to simulate the stormy seas before sinking to the ocean floor. The custom-designed lift platform (24*7) was installed with high capacity LinkLift elevator columns, accommodating up to 140 people in front of a 10m high 180º screen.  As the action on screen takes place so does the movement of the platform in synchronicity,  taking passengers down to the ocean floor in a smooth, controlled movement. The elevator drive of the electro-mechanical LinkLift system ensures the safety of the passengers at all times without dimming the experience. Low maintenance and 100% reliable, the platform lift based on SERAPID’s unique technology, guarantees this incredible experience continues to amaze and thrill visitors 365 days a year.

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