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SERAPID has a solid reputation in industrial technology, but in the last twenty-plus years, has expanded its reputation to the stage and event technology sector. SERAPID, the only manufacturer of the original Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), offers a complete range of mechanical actuator products for the transfer or elevation of loads, including:
- Systems for multifunctional venues (Quick Seat Exchange),
- Stage equipment, such as stage wagons, stage lifts, orchestra and piano platforms, modular auditoriums,
- Portable lifts for technical equipment and accessories, such as cameras, lighting or loudspeakers; with low noise levels that allow for in-performance use.
More than 1,000 SERAPID systems are installed worldwide.

About 2 years ago, our customers asked for a reliable, robust, non-hydraulic scissor lift platform for dynamic events. Up to that date, no player in the sector had met this challenge. But thanks to our purely mechanical systems, all the drawbacks of hydraulics, such as sensitivity to temperature, oil leaks or the complexity of synchronization with multiple platforms, were eliminated. The SERAPID team developed a platform, the "EventPodium", to meet the specific requirements of the event-industry.
A compact, standardized hub podium (base area 1.4 x 1.9 m) was created, which runs with two LinkLift 50 drives. It lifts payloads up to 1300 kg over a distance of 2.8 m at a freely variable speed of up to 500 mm / s. The closing and transport height is 500 mm; and the podium is assembly-compatible with the Layher event system. The optional controller has a DMX interface. Multiple podiums (up to 24) can be controlled just as easily as an individual podium and can be either synchronous or alternating. Like all lift chain lifting systems, this podium also achieves a repeatability of ± 1 mm and permits a position-stable approach without rebounding, as well as an arbitrary long holding of the approached position. The robust mechanical lift system tolerates hectic set-ups and dismantling, as well as harsh transport conditions typical in the event area. In all respects, we were able to meet and even exceed the specification of our customer.
This basic system provides a sound and comprehensive foundation for your event or performance, but, in keeping with the SERAPID philosophy of the "standardized product special solution”, optional extensions and adjustments are available, custom configured and supplemented with application-specific components to help meet the required solution.

The EventPodium meets the requirements of DIN 56950.

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