An elevation system capable of maintaining the pulling load

Palacio de Las Artes - Valencia, Spain

The Queen Sofia Palacio de Las Artes is part of the Valencia Art and Science architectural complex. This building contains several venues including a theatre and an auditorium. It is located in the old bed of the river Turia which has now been dried due to flooding risks, the river having been diverted to the south of the city.

SERAPID equipped the Martin y Soler theatre stage platforms with LinkLift elevator columns. Rigid chain technology pmakes it possible to have two different configurations:
• the motorisation is installed on the ground and the chain pushes the platform,
• the motorisation is installed under the platform and the chain pushes on the ground.

This latter configuration is very useful to meet specific needs, for example when the pit in which the elevation system is located is floodable, or when the ground needs to be cleared for logistical reasons. This solution was proposed for the Palacio de Las Artes as the orchestra pit is at risk of flooding. The system is raised during flood warnings making it possible to protect the machinery.

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