Removable seating system for arena

O2 arena - London, England

The world’s busiest music venue, London’s O2 Arena is arguably the jewel in the British crown when it comes to large state-of-the-art performance venues. As well as concerts it hosts conferences, exhibitions and numerous high profile sporting events, making it quite possibly the most flexible venue in the world too.

With its unique and iconic dome roof, it promises the spectator the best possible live experience whichever seat they might be in. To achieve this requires flexible seating systems that can be adaptable to suit the needs of the event. When World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) selected the O2 Arena to host it worldwide televised bouts, a specific new seating system was required to fit the sport’s criteria. The entrances for the ‘super star’ wrestlers needed to span 6.5 metres by 4.5m, ensuring homogeneity no matter where in the world they are performing.

Audience Systems Ltd approached SERAPID to design a bespoke seating system that could be temporarily installed, easily, efficiently and most important reliably for such events. The result is seven custom-designed seating tribunes all fitted with integral lift drive systems. The LinkLift platforms lower the seating tribunes so that they can be brought into the auditorium via the vomitoria passage, the restricted headroom entrances underneath existing seating. Once in the arena the units are raised with precise positioning to line up with existing seating rows heights in other parts of the arena, ensuring maximum seating capacity and good sightlines. Separate LinkLift systems, electronically synchronised, position the SuperStar entrances in a controlled smooth movement, creating the desired performance wow for their entrance.

The need for a modern, robust lift drive system for the additional seating that is capable of supporting high capacity when in situ was paramount, with safety for the spectator a priority. It’s perhaps not surprising then that SERAPID’s Rigid Chain Technology was employed for this job, the number one choice for innovative movement solutions.

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