Driver-operated truck on rail with single load platform and die turnover

Forges de Bologne – Bologne (52), France

Installation of a 35 tonne capacity cart, of 45m rails and of a die turnover system for Forges de Bologne, an aeronautical industry specialist.

The SERAPID driver-operated truck with single load platform is used to load/unload dies and transport them between the storage zone, the pre-heating unit and the 2 presses. It is fitted with a driving station so that the operator can be transported standing and handle the cart in complete safety. The rail mounted cart solution makes it possible to change press dies quickly at the optimum level of performance. The push/pull system is provided by 2 x SERAPID 90 rigid chains.

The die turnover, supplied by the cart, makes it possible to lift the upper part of the die (the lower part is then taken away), to pivot it by 180° and then lower it for storage in the storage rack. The SERAPID turnover system, fitted with LinkLift chains and a laser positioning system, makes it possible to turn the die over and store it in less than 5 minutes. Previously this operation required almost an entire day but SERAPID quick die change solutions make it possible to optimise production while maintaining maximum safety.

SERAPID carts are designed to transport and position dies (up to 100 tonnes) and cover long distances between storage zones and presses. They are available in single or double station versions.
As each one of your applications is different, these rail mounted carts are developed to your specifications. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Find the full Quick Die Xchange – QDX - programme for quick die change.

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