Push Pull System with retractable guides (SMED project)

Gaz Liquéfiés Industrie (GLI) - Bischwiller (67), France

Gaz Liquéfiés Industrie (GLI) is a company that specialises in the production of fixed or mobile storage bottles for household or industrial applications.

For this SMED project with speed and safety imperatives, SERAPID fitted a press with a Push Pull System (PPS) for quick die changing. The die was originally pushed to the back of the press using a stacker. In order to improve safety and efficiency, SERAPID proposed a quick die change solution involving the installation of a pusher on the work surfaces in front of the press. The pusher, which is located opposite the aisle, is fitted with retractable guides in order to keep the passage clear for the handling of the die.

SERAPID PPS systems make it possible to position dies weighing up to 8 tonne using steel/steel sliding on steel and up to 16 tonne using rollers.

Find the full Quick Die Xchange – QDX - programme for quick die change.

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