Amore Pacific – Korea

SERAPID has just completed the design, LinkLifts and motorisation and controls for a unique truck lift for Amore Pacific, a Korean manufacturer of skincare products.

The lift is designed to carry trucks from street level to an art gallery buried deep underground.

The unique feature is that the lift, when coming up to road level to allow trucks to enter, it has to pick up a section of road weighing approximately 41.5 tonnes.It is the unique characteristics of the LinkLift that allows this to be done, as all of the chains’ attributes come in to play;strength, positioning accuracy and the fact that the column is rigid and incompressible.These features meant that only SERAPID could offer a safe and reliable solution within the available space to raise a total load of (18+41.5 tonnes) when the weight of the truck and lift car are added to the weight of the road.

The lift also features a unique lift door system designed by SERAPID, which utilises a combination of LinearBeams and ChainLifts to power bi-parting 8.5 metre wide lift doors.The top part of the door encompasses part of the roof which needs to be raised above the height of the lift car to allow the gull wing doors on the trucks to open fully.

This project further enhances SERAPID’s position as a provider of large commercial lifts.

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