High specification, high capacity private car lift

Residential unit - Pembridge Square, London, England

SERAPID’s innovative electro-mechanical drive raises cars and roadway

The SERAPID lifting solution does not require any machine room, and the full drive system is located in the elevator pit, underneath it. The elevation system has all the advantages of the highly accurate, reliable and low sound level SERAPID rigid chain. The installation requires very little servicing and avoids all high capacity hydraulic elevator issues.

Space in cities is always going to be at a premium and for many homeowners finding ways to maximise the square metres of their property makes more sense than upsizing to a larger home. One such London homeowner called upon SERAPID to help solve a car parking dilemma for them. With two cars, but space for just one, SERAPID installed an innovative underground car park right under the property’s driveway.

Using SERAPID’s unique mechanical LinkLift system, four rigid chain columns raise the underground car lift so that a car may be driven into it and lowered. The roof of the car lift itself forms part of the granite paved driveway and can be raised even with a vehicle already parked on it. Precise positioning of the lift which SERAPID’s LinkLift technology is so well known for, ensures a smooth controlled movement every single use.

This high capacity car lift can handle 16,600 kg and fits into a shallow pit below ground. As an added bonus the machine-room less systemic oil free too making it truly a clean and environmentally friendly space saving solution.


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