Canary Wharf District - London, England

To facilitate the exterior maintenance of this high-rise building, a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) was included in the roof layout as a dedicated maintenance solution during the design of the building. The system incorporates a SERAPID lift which is used to transfer the 26 tonne BMU unit between the upper and lower roof levels. The high accuracy and repeatability of SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) ensures correct alignment of the crane rails on the lift and the roof mounted rails at each level. The lift uses 4 of SERAPID’s LinkLift 100 columns which have a surface treatment to make them suitable for an external environment. The system has been operating reliably since 2014 with minimum maintenance requirement.

Characteristics :
Stroke: 4.1 meters
Speed: 20 mm / s
Load: 26 tonnes

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