Goods lift integrated into roadway

Maxim Gorki Theater - Berlin, Germany

This service elevator designed to lower trucks and goods from street level to the theatre basement. The cabin roof is covered with 7.2 tonnes of cobblestones which form part of the street surface when the elevator is not in use. The cabin is raised so that trucks can enter it and be lowered to the level beneath the street.
There were two recurring issues with traditional elevator systems in the past which led to the systems being replaced.

As a result of these high maintenance costs the SERAPID solution was chosen for its reliability.

An elevator system comprises of 4 LinkLifts was installed and has been running since 2007 with no problems and very little maintenance.

Named after the Russian author Maxim Gorky, Berlin’s Maxim Gorki Theatre is renowned across Europe for its modern contemporary stage programme focussing on current affairs and relevant issues in today’s world.

With a stream of critically acclaimed shows performing back to back at the theatre throughout the year, efficiency and reliability in moving stage scenery is vital. As soon as one show is complete, new props and equipment is required for the next. The Maxim Gorki Theatre relies upon a street to basement transport elevator to move goods direct into the heart of the theatre. After issues with poor reliability and lift maintenance costs came to a head in 2007, the theatre company decided an alternative solution was needed. SERAPID’s electro-mechanical Rigid Chain Technology was selected as the best and only really reliable system.

A robust new goods lift using SERAPID’s LinkLift technology was easily installed, hidden within the surface of the street. The cobblestone cabin roof forms part of the street when not in use, with the cabin itself lifting to allow goods to be loaded and transferred underground into the theatre’s basement. Low in maintenance, the cleverly concealed, EN81:31 approved, lift has delivered 100% reliability since.

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